First Term 2024

Welcoming Function New Learners 16.01.2024
Hostel Re-opens16.01.202414h00
School Starts for all Learners17.01.2024
RCL Election18.01.202408h00
Extra Mural Activities Start22.01.2024
Hygiene Talk Boys23.01.2024
Hygiene Talk Girls23.01.2024
Grade12 Parent Evening24.01.202417h30
Grade 10 and 11 Parent Evening25.01.202417h30
Prefect Camp27.01.2024
Grade R to Grade 3 Parent Evening31.01.202417h30
Grade 9 Parent Evening1.02.202417h30
Athletics NMMU2.02.2024
Hostel Out Weekend2.02.2024
Bootcamp Grade 8 to Grade 123.02.2024
SGB Finance Meeting5.02.202418h00
Grade 4 and Grade 5 Parent Evening6.02.202417h30
Grade 6 and Grade 7 Parent Evening8.02.202417h30
Grade 12 Camp / IP Swimming Gala9.02.2024
EC Classic Powerlifting Competition10.02.2024
SGB Meeting12.02.202418h00
High School Swimming Gala Grade 8 to Grade 1216.02.2024
Working Work Exhibition Grade 1221.02.2024
Foundation Phase Swimming Gale Grade 4 to Grade 723.02.2024
High School Boot Camp24.02.2024
Hostel Out Weekend23.02.2024
Schools Birthday1.03.2024
Cheshire Homes Competition2.03.2024
Sports Derby and SA Bench Press2.03.2024
English Olympiad5.03.2024
Food Fair Tickets go on sale13.03.2024
Foundation Phase Sports Day15.03.2024
Grade 10 Camp15.03.2024
EC Equipped Powerlifting16.03.2024
School Closes20.03.2024
Human Rights Day21.03.2024
*These dates are subject to change.