A unique and dynamic value-driven school which endeavours to educate and empower learners with individual needs to become valued members of society who will uphold norms and standards that promote excellence

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The Curriculum

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The curriculum of the school consists of services and programmes …


In addition to the small group classroom teaching by experienced teachers…


The types of sport offered by Cape Recife include winter and summer sports and also involve league …

Integration & Inclusion

The school strives to promote the integration of learners as much as possible with learners from mainstream schools.

This is achieved via a flexible system whereby learners can be placed at the school and placed back in mainstream schools when they are ready.


Activities 2022

  • 23 July 2022 : Eastern Cape Powerlifting Competition @ 09:00
  • 27 July 2022 : Parent Evening @ 17:30
  • 29 July 2022 : Marimba Fundraiser @ 18:00
  • 29 July 2022 : Music Trivia @ 18:00
  • 1 August 2022 : SGB Meeting
  • 3 August 2022 : Sport & Cultural Photos (Gr R – 7)
  • 6 August 2022 : Hostel Out-Weekend



Referrals & Placement

For information on referral and placement at the school please contact the school directly.

Accessibility, Transport and Hostel Facilities

Learners from all areas in the Eastern Cape are accommodated. Although the school is situated in Summerstrand, a suburb of Port Elizabeth, it has its own transport system for learners living in other suburbs of Port Elizabeth. Hostel facilities are also available for those who cannot access transport because they reside outside the environs of Port Elizabeth.