School Uniform Guidelines

Please note that the official summer uniform must be worn from the first day of the next term.

Parents and guardians are requested to ensure that learners comply with all uniform regulations, including haircut regulations for boys, from the first day of the term. Hair must be neatly groomed.

The learner’s school clothes must be clean, neat and acceptable at all times. This also applies when learners are on their way to school and on their way home. Parents’ co-operation to ensure that learners’ school clothes are clean and tidy will be welcomed.

Parents are once again requested to ensure that learners have proper, graffiti-free, school bags from the first day of the first term.


You will find attached the lists for stationary (Grades 4 – 7) and stationary (all grades) that your child will need in 2023. The stationary for grades 1 – 7 will be handed over to your child on the first day of the new term. the cost of the stationary is shown on the list. Your child must bring the correct amount to school at the start of the new term and hand it to his register teacher.

Please note that the Grade 8 – 12 learners must purchase their own stationary. A list of stationary required is attached. Each learner will be expected to have the necessary stationary ready at the start of the new year, as academic work is done from the first day.

Camps (2023)

Information regarding the camps will be made available in good time.

Diaries, Calculators & Math-sets

Please note that every learner from Grade 2 – 12 will receive a school diary in which daily homework must be recorded. The cost of this diary is R60,00.

Each learner from grades 4 – 12 must also have his / her own calculator and math kit. Repetition of this is not allowed as it disrupts Core Mathematics & Mathematics Literacy classes

Residence Brackets

The parents of boarding students are welcome to send personal bedding such as pillows and duvets, as several parents have requested. This will in effect also help to create a homely atmosphere.

As it is very important that boarding students have regular contact with their parents an go home regularly, it was decided to introduce two compulsory weekends per term in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd terms. The dates are indicated on the term program next to this to help parents make the necessary travel arrangements in advance.