Our Vision

A unique and dynamic value-driven school which endeavours to educate and empower learners with individual with individual needs to become valued members of society who will uphold norms and standards that promote excellence.

Cape Recife High School is a public school for Learners with Special Education Needs (LSEN) which implies that learners require individualized teaching programmes and facilities as well as relevant therapy to meet the same curricular and examination standards as their peers in regular schools.

Cape Recife was established on 1 March 1956 in the Congregational Church Hall in Pearson street. On 20 April 1963 the school moved to the present buildings in Admiralty Way, Summerstrand. From humble beginnings it has grown to become a very large co-educational school for Learners with Individual Education Needs. It is well known for its high educational standards and excellent matric results. The school is regarded as one of the leading schools of its kind in the country.

Admission criteria

The school accommodates learners with barriers to learning which results in individual educational needs. The education needs arise mainly from the following:

  • Learners with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities: These learners require specialised education and therapy to comply with their individual educational needs.
  • Learners with specific learning disabilities: These learners have at least an average intelligence but underachieve at school because of impaired learning processes which lead to problems with reading, spelling, writing, mathematics, memorising of subject content and general poor subject achievement. They have the ability to master the mainstream curricular standards if offered specialised teaching and therapy and are taught in small classes where they receive individualised attention. They are not mentally handicapped in any way and often have intellectual abilities and talents far above the average.
  • Learners with other individual education needs: Learners with other high support needs who can benefit from the school’s programmes and can master the curriculum, are also accommodated after consultation with the Eastern Cape Department of Education.

Accessibility, Transport and Hostel Facilities

Learners from all areas in the Eastern Cape are accommodated. Although the school is situated in Summerstrand, a suburb of Gqeberha, it has its own transport system for learners living in other suburbs of Gqeberha. Hostel facilities are also available for those who cannot access transport because they reside outside the environs of Gqeberha.

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